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Jakob Böhme, Dreifaches Leben, Mysterium Magnum, Alchemy and Mysticism (The Hermetic Library); Theosophische Wercke (1575–1624).


Batman Beyond by Alex Ross


Diego Rivera. Day of the Dead. 1924.

To be honest the new season of Boondocks would’ve been better if they decided to go with another episode. Like, it wasn’t bad, but I came into it thinking Huey, Riley, and Robert Freeman to be in the forefront of their show returning from years of hiatus. I’m not terribly interested in starting the show’s long-awaited return with Tom DuBois and his family affairs. Oh well, still a fine episode but let’s shoot for more of the Freemans next round.


The Lord of the Rings (glow-in-the-dark) by Marko Manev